Wizardeooze.com has been set up as a self-publishing unit.

YK Lim aka Wizard of Ooze is an e-learning writer, editor, and English language teacher. As a teacher he has taught a whole range of English language courses in public schools, an international school, and private colleges. In 2008 he wrote an English phonics reading program for one of Malaysia’s largest preschool operators. In 2010 he published his own online English language and literature courses for public school students. After a hiatus of nearly eight years, he has now returned to the exciting world of self-publishing as the Wizard of Ooze, with his first ooze Р61 Mostly Nonsense Rhymes for Malaysian Students.

What books does Wizardeooze publish? For now, the focus is on books for the education industry. There are many ideas brewing in my kelapa- nonsense rhymes for adults, creativity, essays, short stories, satires, etc.

September 2018