Why did I choose to write a book for kids?

Confessions of a self-publisher: Why did I choose to write a book for kids? My riposte: Try writing one and you’ll find how challenging it is to produce something that will engage a child reader. If after a workshop, you receive an unexpected feedback like someone’s child has memorized every poem in the book 61 Mostly Nonsense Rhymes for Malaysian Students, you know you have touched the kid out there. Sometimes during a workshop I said or did something related to a rhyme in the book, and at that moment I caught a knowing smile from a parent or a child, no words are necessary. Can this book be used for adults? For English teachers, the book is a useful resource to teach English through read aloud and creative writing activities. It can be used by students of public speaking, too: think of pronunciation, enunciation, fluency, vocalization, etc. Most of the ideas in the book are fantastical, nonsensical, or downright wacky, and I’ll even go as far as to say that people in the creative industry (e.g. copywriters, and I’ve been there, done it) might find it useful to indulge in some NONSENSE when doing their work- you need something to burst the Creative Dam!