I Love to Read Program Read well to excel

I.Love.2.Read is an 8-10 hour reading program that helps students read with confidence.  I.Love.2.Read teaching uses the book 61 Mostly Nonsense Rhymes for Malaysian Students and phonics which engages the learner through multi-sensory activities. I.Love.2.Read Program provides the following:

  • 8 hours
  • Activity-based
  • Multi-sensory methods
  • Builds confidence
  • Quick improvement
  • Individual reading
  • Group reading
Poetry Party & Creative Writing Workshop Objectives
  1. Read Aloud rhymes to help young language learners improve their vocalization, fluency, pronunciation, and vocabulary skills;
  2. Build confidence in the use of English through fun reading aloud activities and games;
  3. Read Aloud individually and in collaborative group activities;
  4. Experience the Joys of Creative Writing through enjoyable, interactive activities
Duration 2-3 hours Who should attend Year 1-6 pupils