The Importance of Reading Aloud In this fast-paced, frenzied, competitive money-chasing world, many of us don’t have time to slow down to `smell the roses’ so to speak. Picture parents rushing their kids in the morning from breakfast table to school and they in turn rush to work – do they even have time to read to their kids? Yet, reading aloud- this time-honoured practice seems to have been forgotten or overlooked- is so important for children’s development in their early growing-up years. Here are some important benefits:
  1. When you read to your child, you are role-modelling. So, it’s important that you provide the correct model in the way you read. Do not worry about accent. The important thing is to read fluently, naturally, with correct pronunciation.
  2. Pronunciation is important as you do not want your child to hear wrong word-sound relationships. Word-sound awareness will help the child decode words when they start to read. This awareness is, in fact, the predictor of reading success in their early years of learning how to read.
  3. Children who hear more words read or spoken to them will have a wider and richer store of vocabulary. This will give them more confidence as they will be able to express themselves better in both speech and writing, thus contributing to their success in their overall education.